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In the News: Funds give opportunities

“A direct appeal to parents has been Westmount Charter School’s most lucrative fundraising program, says the school’s parent council fundraising coordinator Kim Minifie, who has two children attending Westmount…”
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Source: Calgary Herald, August 26, 2010

In the News: How Alberta’s Education System is Regarded Beyond our Borders

“And the result: Alberta now has the best-performing state schools of any English speaking regions.” With that record, it’s little wonder the province has been noticed by international educators. What is curious is that, here at home, other provinces seem largely uninterested in learning at Alberta’s knee.
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Source: National Post, January 6, 2011

Useful Links

The “MLA Advisory Committee to Review Eligible Organizations” Access to and Distribution of Proceeds from Licensed Casino Events” report is finally out. Here is a link to the report and to the AGLC response:

  • MLA Advisory Committee to Review Eligible Organizations’ Access to and Distribution of Proceeds from Licensed Casino Events. (Read more…)
  • Government of Alberta News Release – Further analysis needed for aspects of charitable gaming model. (Read more…)

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